Over the past few years, Huawei has been proving that its devices aren’t just vastly more affordable than its main competitors, but that it can easily match and even outperform them. The watered-down version of its Mate 10 series, the Mate 10 Lite, has just received an update this February that you can already acquire. The 2 main features enabled by the latest software update for the Mate 10 Lite are the face unlock option, as well as an augmented reality (AR) cam.

Even though face recognition is not something new for Android devices, after Apple introduced it into it iPhone X, it’s made a resurgence and has come under a lot more scrutiny and higher expectations. The Mate 10 Lite’s advanced face recognition takes more than 1000 points on your face into consideration, making it impossible to unlock your phone with just a picture of your face. All that in just 800 milliseconds, and without needing to “swipe to unlock”.

In the age of selfies, having an AR camera helps. The new feature allows you to transplant yourself into backgrounds of your creation, or famous landmarks and sites around the world. If you’re looking to spice up your Instagram stories, then this feature should definitely please you.

Update your Mate 10 Lite now by:

Step 1: Go to settings and select ‘System update’
Step 2: Click the upper right corner button with three points. Select ‘Download latest full