News were circulating last week that TotalEnergies might delay its offshore gas exploration in Lebanon due to security reasons, but they turned out to be rumors yet I wish they were true. In fact, no Lebanese in his right mind would want Total or any other company to start digging for oil while we still have the same corrupt political parties ruling us. This hidden wealth should be used wisely and invested into rebuilding the country’s economy and attracting foreign investment, but instead it will go right into the politicians’ pockets and destroy whatever hope is left to revive the economy.

Why do you think these rotten parties are so eager to get the offshore gas exploration started? Why do you think we signed a US-brokered maritime border deal with Israel? Why do you think this so-called “resistance” we have allowed this to happen? Because all they care about is more theft, more corruption and more money to consolidate their grip of the Lebanese state.

All in all, I’m really hoping that Total Energies won’t be coming anytime soon, and even if they did, that they picked the least promising field to begin with. No good will ever come out of this activity until we have a responsible, non-corrupt and visionary people running the country.