I like to play football and basketball with my friends, and every now and then, we book a field or court to go have a fun game together. If you’re like me, you’ll know that putting together the teams to be able to make the best of the court or field you’ve rented, is a nightmare.

Let’s imagine you need 10–12 people for a game of mini-football. Just getting in touch with everyone and finding a time that suits everyone, is a nightmare. Let’s not forget that one friend we all have that cancels on the same day, and the resulting stress of having to scramble to find a replacement so you have a full team.

This doesn’t apply to just football and basketball, but every type of team sport you need others to join in with you to have fun and enjoy your workout. Even Yoga, Pilates and other recently popular activities and sports need a whole lot of organization to get put together.

That’s when IN2 was born, a cool app and community that helps you get connected with people that are into whatever you want to do too. Trouble finding a teammate? Your team needs another team to play against? Finding it difficult to schedule and manage your clients as a trainer? That’s exactly what Kamel Semakieh was going through, and upon realizing he wasn’t the only one, decided to do something about it. Today, over two dozen games and activities are organized every week with IN2, and the BETA version of event and sports management just rolled out for a select group of trainers and coaches.

Download it today, check out what games or events you might be interested in getting into, or use it to organize your own matches. It includes other useful perks, like polls to make group decisions, keeping score and more.

You can find more info [here].