This is by far the cheesiest article I’ve ever read this year, if not ever. I tried hard to read it with a straight face but I couldn’t stop laughing at every quote.

I wish the couple all the best but I would have never let anyone write something like that for my wedding. You can read the whole thing [here].

If you can’t understand Arabic, my good friend and blogger Rania from translated it for me and it sounds even better in English!

Happiness Still Prevails among the “Lebanon Files” Family

In the presence of many media and political figures, Nathalie tightly gripped the heart of colleague George, placing the latter under arrest for the sweet crime of deliberate and premeditated love.
George did not conceal his doing. In fact, he pleaded guilty to sneaking into Nathalie’s heart and occupying the vast majority of it.
In a public hearing, the final verdict was issued yesterday on George, who was sentenced to life imprisonment in Nathalie’s golden heart, with the blessing of a group of family members and relatives and with as a witness the sky of Kfarhbab which was dressed in its brightest colors until after midnight on Sunday night.
The attendees cheered for the justice of love, dancing for a long time to the tunes of the hearts of the newlyweds who then finally lifted the anchor of bachelorhood, for their love to embark on a journey towards the islands of stability, security and holy partnership.
Lebanon Files blesses the marriage of colleague George and his wife Nathalie, and wishes them a long life crowned with joys and happiness.

via Mustapha