I like keeping my car clean but I hate waiting at gas stations for an hour on a Sunday morning in order to wash the car. Few malls like ABC Achrafieh and City Mall have a car wash service but it’s not a practical solution. Having said that, Just Wash looks like the ideal solution for people like me, as it’s a delivery car washing service and more importantly an environmentally-friendly one. They basically send their cleaners to wherever the client has parked his car and clean both the inside and outside for 10,000 LL.

What’s interesting about Just Wash is that they are trying to spread awareness on the excessive water consumption in Lebanon by using a water-less washing technique (non-toxic biodegradable chemicals) that needs only 250 ml of water per car, as opposed to at least 10-20 liters for a normal car wash. Their staff also drive electric motorcycles to reduce carbon emissions.

I like almost everything about Just Wash (Their Facebook Page Is Great), but I am a bit worried about the chemicals they use and whether they could ruin the car’s paint or the interior. Moreover, Just Wash doesn’t operate on Sundays which is weird since it’s the peak day for car washes in Lebanon usually and it’s not very practical to go down open your car or pass the keys to the Just Wash staff during week days while you’re at work.

In all cases, it’s good to see Lebanese going for eco-friendly solutions like Just Wash and I think it’s worth a try. I hope they will reconsider their working hours though and open on Sunday from 8 till noon at least.