The Kahaleh incident will probably take few days to cool down and no serious investigation will be conducted, as usual, until we get another similar incident, followed by tensions then a cooldown and so on. The 2021 Tayyouneh clashes left 7 people dead, the 2021 Khaldeh clashes left 2 people dead, tens were killed in the 2008 Beirut clashes and I could list several other incidents with all having one thing in common, a self-governing Iranian-financed armed group that is above the army, the state and the law.

The state of lawlessness and chaos that this party embodies cannot possibly lead except to further violence and chaos. In today’s incident in Kahaleh, it doesn’t matter whether locals shot first at the armed militiamen guarding the truck, what matters is the fact that people in civilian clothes armed to the teeth are arrogantly roaming highly frequented roads with trucks loaded with ammunition. Even more, did anyone consider the consequences of such a truck exploding, God forbid, when it overturned?

Does that justify locals firing at them? Of course not. Even if provoked, civilians should resort under any circumstances to the Lebanese security forces, but once again, when the rule of law ceases to exist, people will assume they have the same “survival” rights as others and arm themselves. Two people were killed today, one from each side, because of this collapsed state we’re living in, and I am confident there won’t be any serious investigation or accountability.

Again, no one should care who shot first yesterday because it’s a waste of time. Weapons should only be in the hands of the Lebanese Security Forces, all other talk is total B.S. There’s no country that can function properly with a militia ruling and imposing its agenda.

Sincere condolences to the families of both victims.