Update: Just thought I share with you this previous post I wrote on how the minister of tourism “wanted to go through the Miss Lebanon 2011 applicants this year in order to “ensure the competition’s high standards”. [Link]

I don’t know why social media was the main topic of this year’s Miss Lebanon event but I wish whomever organized this event lectured the participants earlier on social media tools and their use.

Here are few funny Q&A I did myself that are not directed towards any specific candidate, but inspired from what I heard from some friends and from articles I read online.

Host: How did you discover Twitter?

Miss Tahble: I was using Google for my final year project and I saw a cute little bird on the side of the page but I did not understand what it was so I asked my friend who is a Doctor in ‘Comuter’ Science and realized it was an online shop that sells birds that fly all the way to their buyer’s destination.

Host: And did your order a bird?

Miss Tahble: I did order one but I don’t know why it did not get here yet. Maybe they don’t deliver to Lebanon. We are terrorists (insert stupid laugh).

Host: Why do you prefer Twitter to Blogs?

Miss Takhchme: Ana je suis french-educated fa mon english is weak. Twitter a7san cause I don’t need to write more than deux phrases moufeedeen wara ba3ed en anglais.

Host: Why don’t you write in French then?

Miss Takhchme: Ohh ma fakkaret fiya. Fakkaret ma byekhoud 2ella anglais.

Host: Which do you prefer better, Twitter or Facebook?

Miss T7iyye: Ana I don’t use wala Twitter wala Facebook. Ana bass ba3mil Tweet la2anno ahyan chi wou mitil SMS wou BBM bass 3al internet.

Host: But Tweeting is for Twitter?

Miss T7iyye: Ah walla? Since when?

Host: What is your take on social media?

Miss Toule: I think we need more media that deal with our social needs and issues. Programs like Ne7na La Sawa Akeed 3al LBC wou ghayroun lezim yikoun fi aktar minnoun.

Host: How do you think Facebook can help us Lebanese?

Miss Tanfra: Facebook is very important to Lebanon and its economy. If I become Miss Lebanon, I will make training sessions for our farmers on Farmville so that they learn how to grow their fields better. Also I will ask the army to assign a special unit to play Empires & Allies so that we have a better army and defeat the Zionists and have a better tourism and party everyday bil Skybar.