The below is an announcement shared yesterday by the Cyprus Embassy in Lebanon:

Dear all, we are very sorry to announce that following today’s decision of the competent authorities of the Republic of Cyprus regarding the categorization of countries according to their epidemiological standards, also taking into consideration the relevant decision of the European Council, a group of countries, including Lebanon, was moved from Category B to Category C. The new categorization will enter into force as of July 6th.
This means that only Cypriot nationals and holders of residence permits will be allowed to enter Cyprus, and unfortunately we have to suspend our visa services again until further notice. Regarding your flight reservations, please contact your airline.
We deeply apologize for any inconvenience caused and we certainly hope to see Lebanon back on the list as soon as possible.

It is worth noting that Greece is allowing flights from Lebanon, so this is quite a weird change of categorization knowing that we were still in Category B in mid-June.

However, and as indicated by one of the blog’s readers (thanks Elissa), the decision is related to post-covid measures. Not all the countries have announced the restrictions because the EU council gave the freedom of decision to each country on visa application, but in a general view, everyone for the time being is not accepting tourist visa applications because they are not considered “necessary travel” . You can find all the info on the EU’s website [here]