Hassan Diab’s government was never meant to achieve anything. It was a mere “passe-temps” while those in power agree on the next government. However, and as expected by all politicians who take charge, this government proved to be far worse than what we thought it would be. Not only did they fail to achieve anything noticeable within 100 days of its formation, but the majority of ministers proved to be out of touch with reality and completely useless.

Starting with the PM who proved to be as useful as the booklet he issued back during his ministerial tenure, the Health Minister who’s defeating Corona by dancing Dabke with the whole village, the Information Minister who only realized recently people are suffering from soaring prices (put aside the ridiculous media stunt), the Interior Minister who found it suitable in such times to remind everyone he killed two people in the civil war, the Economy Minister who’s all over the place, the Agriculture & culture minister who is clueless about both sectors, the Telecom Minister who is nowhere to be seen, and the list goes on and on …

What if Diab Resigns now?

Hariri resigned following weeks of protests but with Diab it will be different. It’s not up to him to decide if he should resign or not, and chances are he will once a new government is formed under the table. In fact, it’s not even a secret that a new government is being formed, you just have to monitor the news and see who’s meeting who.

In all cases, whether Diab resigns soon or later, if the political parties didn’t yet understand that the next government should be formed of independent and competent individuals capable of managing the current crisis and negotiating with the IMF without any political pressure, then it will be doomed to fail as well.

What’s the worst that could happen now?

That’s the million dollars question. Is there a new civil war in sight? a new war with Israel? Will Lebanese starve to death? Will there be more violence?

Unfortunately, all scenarios are plausible as long as those in power, and those still blindly following them remain in denial willingly or not. They have to admit that they f*cked up, admit the losses they inflicted on all Lebanese and commit to change. Knowing that there’s a high chance they won’t do so, the only alternative is to escalate protests until they do, and hope that all those still blinded by their Zaiims wake up and join the protests.