The latest from the IMF-Lebanon ongoing negotiations: an ex-MP, jokingly or not we’re not sure, asked the IMF if we could get money without reforms. Meanwhile, two members of Lebanon’s negotiating team have already quit, including top financial official Alain Bifani.

The talks are hitting the rocks, not due to IMF conditions, but because our rotten political leaders are still arguing for their own interests and can’t agree on exact figures to submit to the IMF. Keeping in mind that we’re seeking some $10 billion of aid which won’t really do much if they’re not accompanied with serious reforms and a sound economic plan.

Following their 16th and most recent meeting, LBCI reported that the person leading the IMF negotiations was disgruntled by the lack of seriousness shown by the Lebanese team.

What is this government still waiting for? What are all these parties hiding behind this so-called technocrat government waiting for? The lira is close to LL10,000, we’re paying in dollars for power barges without any fuel, the bread price will increase sooner or later, inflation rates are still skyrocketing, we can no longer supply the army with meat, COOP are shutting down etc …

What is happening is surreal yet those in power still don’t want to admit they f*cked up big time, and are still trying to cover their losses and save themselves …

The sad part in all that are those who still follow these leaders blindly, who still look for tiny excuses to label protests instead of looking at the bigger picture.

Remember when protesters were told not to block the roads to the parliament to let the MPs do their job? What did we get in return? Flagrant cabinet appointments!

Remember when protesters were accused of paralyzing the country back in October and November? Well I hope you’re enjoying your flourishing economy now!

The revolution started for a good reason, and with one slogan that still applies to day: All means all, and if you’re not willing to let go of your Zaiim, or you think your Zaiim or your party are more important than providing for your family then the worst is yet to come. We’re way past a recovery plan now, and to be honest, I don’t think anyone knows what’s next.