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Ixsir Winery

The Green Mind Award is an annual program that awards the Top Green Achievements done by Individuals, Companies and Organizations in the MENA Region. Here’s a list of participants from Lebanon that you can vote for under their respective category:

The Green NGO Award
– The Association of Lebanese Industrialists (ALI), The Green Production Help Desk (GHD)
– Beirut Green Project, Beirut Green Guide

The Green Education Award
– Christelle Ziadé, L’Art-Terre du Savoir-Vert
– Michel Maalouly Student Group, Sustainable Housing Unit
– Lama Al Haj Hassan, Breathe Green (Not sure if that’s a Lebanese project)

The Green Media Award
– Eurisko Technology Solutions, Green Lebanon
– Oleg Farah, Standby

The Green Industry Award
– Wines of Lebanon, IXSIR (Project and Winery)

The Green Individual Award
– Ramy El Khazen, The Junkyard
– Pascal Ibrahim, Green Micro-Landscape (Not sure if that’s a Lebanese project)

The Green Hospitality Award
– Bioland, Bioland Green Meeting Point

The Green Community Award
– Lebanese Center for Energy Conservation, NEEREA
– Municipality of Jbail, Jbail – a Zero Waste City

The Green Innovation Award
– Green Studios, Hydroponic Green Walls and Roof Gardens Adapted to Hot Weathers (Not sure if that’s a Lebanese project)

The Green CSR Award
– AUB, Hazardous Waste Management Program

I couldn’t find any participants under The Green Woman Of The Earth Award and there’s no information available on any of the projects submitted which is weird.