If you ask me about old Lebanese TV channels that were shut down, I can think of C33 and ICN but there’s more. I came across a FB post by a friend and an old Annahar article that lists old TV stations that you’ve probably never heard of.

Some of those include:

Al Mashriq TV which started broadcasting in 1991
CVN which was also founded in the 1990s by Pierre Azar and Akram Karam but it didn’t last long
Sigma TV, founded in the 1990s and mainly dedicated to broadcasting video clips and songs. It shut down in 1994.
UTV, founded in 1994 and under which several TV channels were joined but it eventually got shut down.
Kilikia TV, which apparently used to broadcast porn after midnight
C33, which was my favorite channel at the time

And others like A+, Elissar, Al Fay7a2, Channel 11, Channel 7 etc…