Syria is the worst ranked Arab country in 177th spot (out of 180). Kuwait is the best ranked Arab country in the 91st spot.

Here’s the list of Arab Countries and their respective ranking:

Syria – 177
Saudi Arabia – 164
Bahrain – 163
Iraq – 153
Jordan – 141
Palestine – 138
Oman – 134
UAE – 118
Qatar – 113
Kuwait – 91

Lebanon had dropped 8 spots last year and 5 more spots this year. You can check the full report and World map [Here].

In Lebanon, where the media serve as the propaganda outlets of businessmen and politicians, the Syrian conflict has consolidated the existing fault line between media allied with “8 March” (the mainly Shiite movement supported by Tehran and Damascus) and media allied with “14 March” (the mainly Sunni coalition supported by Saudi Arabia against Damascus). This polarization between media that support and oppose the Syrian government has reinforced Lebanon’s social and political polarization.