Picture taken from TripFeast

Lebanon was no where to be seen in Lonely Planet’s top 20 destinations or countries to visit for this year but it ranked 8th in the website’s top 10 destinations to visit for food of 2013.

Lebanese food is among the very few things we can still brag about and impress tourists with.

If food is your main reason to travel, then head to Italy, Thailand, India, Japan, and the rest of our foodie favourites below. You may need to break up this list with a few from the Adventures list (see below) to keep your waistline under control. Chiefly famous for its steak, Argentina was the only country to make the top 10 outside of Asia or Europe.

1. Italy
2. Thailand
3. India
4. Japan
5. Argentina
6. Vietnam
7. France
8. Lebanon
9. Taiwan
10. Spain

via AlieninBeirut