Lebanon PM Najib Mikati will officially head a 24-member government, ending a 13-month deadlock that saw the country slide deeper into financial chaos and poverty. The government was announced today from Baabda and will be the first government since the Beirut Blast.

Here’s the full lineup with their corresponding affiliation:*

PM: Najib Mikati

Deputy PM: Saade Shami (SSNP)
Minister of Foreign Affairs: Abdallah Bou Habib (Aoun/Tayyar)
Minister of Defense: Maurice Slim (Aoun/Tayyar)
Minister of Energy: Walid Fayyad (Aoun/Tayyar)
Minister of Social Affairs: Hector Hajjar (Aoun/Tayyar)
Minister of Industry: George Debkian (Tashnag)
Minister of The Displaced: Issam Charafeddine (Arslan)
Minister of Justice: Henry Khoury (Aoun/Tayyar)

Minister of Interior: Bassam Mawlawi (Hariri/Future Movement)
Minister of Economy: Amine Salam (Mikati)
Minister of Health: Firas Abiad (Hariri/Future Movement)
Minister of Environment: Naser Yassine (Mikati/Hariri)

Minister of Tourism: Walid Nassar (Close to Aoun)
Minister of Administrative Development: Najla Riachi Assaker (Close to Mikati)
Minister of Youth & Sports: George Kallas (Close to Berri)

Minister of Finance: Youssef Khalil (Berri/Amal)
Minister of Labour: Moustafa Bayram (Berri/Amal)
Minister of Agriculture: Abbas Al Haj Hassan (Berri/Amal)
Minister of Culture: Mohammad Mortada (Hezbollah)
Minister of Public Works: Ali Hamiyeh (Hezbollah)

Minister of Telecommunications: George Corm (Frangieh/Marada)
Minister of Information: George Cordahi (Frangieh/Marada)

Minister of Education: Abbas Halabi (Jumblatt)

* Some affiliations are not 100% confirmed yet but I honestly don’t think it matters much at this point. They’ve been arguing over their ministerial shares for over a year now without any clear reform plan to put the country back on its feet.