Lebanon has been without a fully functional government for over a year now, and is headed towards more chaos and poverty amid a worsening social and economic crisis. Despite all that, the political parties fighting over their shares in the new government don’t seem too bothered by what’s happening around them. Almost 20 meetings between Hariri and Aoun, and 13 meetings so far between Mikati and Aoun and the only useful thing that came out of all that is a bunch of new terms to give people false hopes or warn them of what’s to come.

Here’s a small list of terms we’ve heard repeatedly over 12-14 months, inspired from this Twitter thread.

ارتفع/ انخفض منسوب التفاؤل

حركة اتصالات مفعّلة

تبادل حقائب

.اعادة توزيع الحقائب

الثلث الضامن/المعطل

وزارة دسمة


اخرج ارانبه

الامتار الاخيرة

الربع الأخير

مستجدات ملف تأليف الحكومة.

الحكومة أرجوحة

العبرة بالخواتيم

هيكل الحكومة بات شبه مُكتمل

انفتاح متبادل حول تشكيل الحكومة

إصدار مرسوم تأليف الحكومة خلال ساعات

The funniest part is that whatever new government we get won’t make much of a difference, as the parties that drained the reserves and wiped out our savings are the same ones forming this government.