U18_1 Photo Credits: Sports-961

There’s still hope for Lebanese basketball. Our U18 National team defeated Algeria in the semi-finals and will play Egypt in the final game. This is the fourth consecutive win for the Lebanese team and I’m confident they can overcome Egypt and clinch the title.

In all cases, Lebanon is desperate for young and talented basketball players and a strong U18 team is exactly what we need. Good luck to Salim Alaa El Dine, Ibrahim Haddad, Karim Zeinoun, Karl Assi, Ali Mansour, Elie Jo Dany, Dany Khoury, Sami Ghandour, Marc Khoury, Adel Rizk, Naji Ozeir and Jad Lahib. Thumbs up to Joe Moujaess as well for leading the team to the finals! We can always count on Joe to bring out the best of our players.