You want firepower? We got firepower!!! From Little Beirut Bath Comes an arsenal of weapons that will make the most seasoned infantrymen jealous. Packed in this crate, is an assortment of scented 1:1 soap replicas. This weapons package is guaranteed to impress regardless the occasion. [Link]

The shop that sells those gun-shaped soaps is in Portland, Oregon and is owned by Drew Clifford. According to Blogger Jad Aoun, who initially posted about it, Oregon has been nicknamed “Little Beirut” by former US President George Bush Sr. following violent riots there in the 1990s, which could explain the shop’s name, but as Jad continues and I agree, he’s simply making use of Beirut to market his products.

I wonder if any legal action can be taken against this guy to force him to remove the name “Beirut” from his products, because it’s shameful to portray Beirut in that way, regardless of what’s been happening lately.