The 18th annual Toy of the Year Award ceremony took place last week Ayah Bdeir’s LittleBits was awarded the “Creative Toy of the Year” award for her Star Wars Droid Inventor Kit. The TOTY Awards celebrate the best and brightest people and products and are widely known as the “Oscars” of the toy industry.

Here’s what Ayah said after receiving the award:

“6 years ago we came to Toy Fair with a tiny booth made of cardboard. But we had a big mission: to empower kids to be creative with technology, no matter their gender, background and knowledge. So we developed the first platform of electronic building blocks that inspired kids to invent anything their imagination allowed.
We are back 6 years later here to celebrate our partnership with Star Wars where we brought this vision to hundreds of thousands of kids around the world of which close to 40% are girls. They are making candy serving Droids and blinking Droids and prankster Droids. And we are just beginning.
We want to thank the Disney Accelerator Team and Lucasfilm and the Disney Integrated Retail Team. We want to thank our partners Walmart and
Most of all, thank you to the littleBits team – I have never seen a team so passionate, so driven by our mission, so fearless and so intensely creative. Bitsters, this is for you”