L’Orient-Le Jour has recently launched its new independent English-language news service and is currently looking for reporters and copy editors to “help those in power accountable!”. This is great news that couldn’t have come at a better time, and they’ve already secured the services of Benjamin Redd, co-host of the Lebanese Politics Podcast & Omar Tamo, who’s always sharing awesome insights on the current state.

Best of luck to the whole team! Now it’s up to the readers to encourage this new team by subscribing and help fight those in power with facts and numbers. If anyone has the expertise and needed experience to make this work, it’s L’Orient-Le Jour and its great editorial team.

L’Orient-Le Jour is seeking passionate, persistent journalists for a new, independent English-language news service.

We are currently looking for reporters and copy editors who write in flawless English, speak Arabic, possess extensive knowledge of Lebanon, and have at least two years of experience.

If you meet these requirements – and share our passion for a better Lebanon – send your CV and a brief cover letter to rh.recrutement@lorientlejour.com. Please be sure to specify which position you are applying for.