More and more Lebanese are trying to escape the country in search of a new life, but not all of them have the means or are eligible to apply for immigration and go through the paper work, leaving them with one option: try to flee illegally and hope that they get to the other side of the sea.

Ten days ago, few Tripolitans sold their lifetime savings to purchase a boat and decided to head to Europe via the dangerous route of the Mediterranean sea. Unfortunately, their journey came to a tragic end as they got lost in the sea and were brought back to Lebanon.

The stories that emerged from those who were on board are heart-breaking, including this woman in the video below who watched her son starve to death as they were stuck for days in the sea, and another whose husband went missing at sea while trying to make it to Cyprus.

These people sold everything to leave this country, and many more will risk their lives to flee a country run by ruthless, heartless and incompetent politicians. Lebanon has been going through its worst economic crisis in decades, yet those in power are still fighting over ministerial positions and who gets what. Their negligence blew up half the capital killing over 200 people, their incompetence has cost half the country their jobs and life-time savings and yet they refuse to accept responsibility and want to steal more …