I first found out about Ma3roof after George al Rif’s tragic incident. Their “2atte3ne 2awou b2at3ak” graphic was a perfect reflection of the reality we are living in and everyone was sharing it online. After I got in touch with Bob Kastoun, the guy behind Ma3roof and visited his page, I noticed he had been producing witty and funny graphics for quite some time and some of them are spot on!

Ma3roof basically “focuses and comments in a sarcastic and funny way on everyday’s political events and all the events we lived decades before, hoping to touch all segments of people from one distance in a way that enlarges their way of thinking and their political maturity in order to build a better political life in Lebanon”, and they are doing a great job so far!

Check out some of his work:

daweyir On Corruption in Lebanon

hayet On the widespread of firearms

kit Survival Kit on Lebanese roads

law Traffic Law implementation

nifeyet Garbage crisis

niyebe Parliament

temdeed Illegal extension

zbele Garbage crisis

zbele2 Garbage crisis