In 2017, MARCH began its Beirut project following the successful one in Tripoli. They started basically the same, with a play that grouped young men and women from marginalized neighborhoods, to talk about their daily struggles and their hopes and dreams for the future.

After the play’s success, which saw PM Saad Hariri attend the premiere, MARCH set out to find the perfect location for what Beirut needs the most: green spaces that are accessible to its youth.

A plot of land owned by the Beirut Municipality was found, and after months of prepping, building and planting the green space, it’s finally ready!

This Saturday, starting 4PM, there will be festivities to celebrate the opening of this new cultural hub right across the street from Horsh Beirut. The hub includes a cafe, a large garden and even a fully-equipped recording studio that the city’s youth can use to create and record music.

You can check out the event [here], and follow Hona Beirut on Facebook [here]. I will definitely be passing by with Brian, hope to see you all there!