In recent weeks, claims of stolen Hyundai Tucson cars have been reported in the Metn area, in particular around Fanar, Ain Saade and Hadath. The incident, which has been filmed, but whose video will not be shared for privacy purposes, clearly shows well-coordinated post-midnight stealing by most probably 2 men (the first did the job, while the other remained in the car to alert his friend), after disabling the alarm of the jeep and breaking its driver’s window, before running away with it.

It is quite scary how professionally this was done. The whole thing took barely 5 minutes.

Insurance companies are even baffled by the numbers, unable to refund the car owners the full price of the Hyundai Tucson minus 10%, which they usually do.

So if you own one, lock it up inside your garage at night, and if ever you fall victim to the gang and are able to get the plate number of the car responsible of the robbery or identify the ones behind it, you would most certainly spare many, who could just be next on the list.