I love how our Foreign Minister has an explanation for every story we get, because he claimed yesterday that he had made calls and was told no Lebanese employees were fired or expelled from Qatar.

Now that we know which company fired them, here’s the explanation Mansour provided:

“The issue is that a number of employees at the Saudi Binladin Group, which is executing a project for the Qatari interior ministry, were summoned by the public relations and administrative director of the company, who is also Lebanese, with the aim of evaluating their performance,” Mansour explained.

“They had employment contracts ranging between one year and two years and as a result of the evaluation, 21 employees were sacked – 15 Lebanese, one Pakistani, one Indian, one Bahraini, one Canadian and two Egyptians – and the company told them that it is willing to grant them the permission to stay in Qatar should they find another sponsor or to leave Qatar and return after finding a new sponsor,” Mansour added. [Link]

Let’s hope it’s as simple as that and that no more Lebanese will get expelled because of what’s happening in Lebanon.