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I was checking out on lebmanbojumbo’s blog the “Migrant’s workers rights and obligations booklet in Lebanon”, and I honestly don’t know what to think of the Cultural Practices and Social Manners sections [Manual].

Here are some of the recommendations for all domestic workers coming to Lebanon and my comments:
– In Lebanon, people may sometimes speak with a loud voice but this does not always mean that they are angry with you or don’t like you. They just communicate in a different way from what you may be used to.

How about Lebanese learn to talk quietly and respectfully to others including their domestic workers?

– They often say “NO” by raising their eyebrows, shaking their head from one side to the other or raising it high.

WTF? Seriously?

– You could be asked to wear a veil in a Muslim family.

So much for freedom of religion. How about ask the domestic worker if she minds before being asked to wear a veil or a cross or whatever?

– It is quite common for people in Lebanon to entertain a large number of guests till late hours of the night in their homes.

You are a slave. Deal with it.

– Your employer may ask you to work in the evening or on weekends.

You are a slave. Deal with it.