I came across an interesting post by finkployd on BloggingBeirut‘s blog and found the content of the post quite unreasonable and fake.

I’ve followed this blog since ever and always and still enjoy the posts, but allow me to very skeptical of it being the most popular, most visited, oldest continuously active blog not just in Lebanon but in the Levant!

Oldest continuously active Blog in Lebanon / Levant
February 2005 to Present Day = 5.5 years, that’s like 50 in Internet years

1- BloggingBeirut is indeed one of the oldest blogs, along with BeirutSpring, Ouwet.com, Plus961, The InnerCircle and some others but it has not been continuously active as i recall weeks, sometimes months passing by without one single post, similarly to other blogs just to be fair.

Highest number of blog posts / comments in Lebanon / Levant
1440 blog posts – over 5000 comments

2- Claiming to have the highest Number of blog posts and comments is absurd. BlogBaladi has had 2000+ comments in just 6 months and if it keeps doing well, it would have surpassed the 5000 comments by the mid of next year. BeirutSpring passed this number a long time ago, so did QifaNabki, that averages over 100 comments per post, or Ouwet.com, that has over 3000 posts, and maybe as well plus961.com who has been here for quite a long time and Maya’s Amalgam that receives a decent number of comments.

Most visited / popular Blog in Lebanon / Levant
over 80 million hits
over 20 million pageviews
over 4 million unique IPs
over 5 terabytes of data served

3- Last but not least, alexa.com seems to disagree with the charts and graphs posted. plus961 has a more page views, reach and is much better ranked than BloggingBeirut globally and in Lebanon.

Here’s a list of few selected blogs and their rankings:

Alexa Traffic Rank
1- Plus961 450,649
2- BeirutSpring 456,197
3- BloggingBeirut 845,852
4- BlogBaladi 1,115,896

Rank in Lebanon
1- Plus961 409
2- BeirutSpring 872
3- BloggingBeirut 1,439
4- BlogBaladi 1,606

Those are few stats for few selected blogs in Lebanon and not for all the Levant. I am not trying to prove anything here, but i really was surprised to see such non-credible and unrealistic stats without any reference to any source whatsoever. Maybe this is a fun post but i don’t see the joke in it.