“Are you between 6 and 12 year old? Pleasant, Good looking and cute? Stylish? Have a Strong Personality?”

Are you f***** kidding me? Are you asking a 6 year old if he has a strong personality and if he’s pleasant? Who’s behind the genius idea of organizing a “Mr & Miss Kids Lebanon”? Why would anyone want to include his child in such a pageant? What exactly are we trying to teach our children by forcing them to join such competitions?

A friend sent me a couple of posters showing young girls with full make-up on and asking people to vote for them so I looked up the child pageant page and it’s disturbing to say the least. Can you imagine what a child would go through if he/she was forced into this competition and lost? If he/she is being laughed at or bullied for showing on billboards all over? Is it fair to put that much pressure on 6 and 7 year old kids? What if they win? What is this pageant teaching them? That external looks and being pretty are what counts? What’s next? Force girls to pose in bikinis to attract more pedophile voters?

Also, is it really the smartest way for parents to spend their money? Book billboards and ask people to vote in a child pageant? Isn’t it better to invest in a savings account or a college fund? Are they really doing this for their kids or for themselves?

I’m usually against banning shows or anything, but someone needs to look into this child pageant before it becomes a trend. I’m sure a lot of people love getting into beauty contests but parents should choose the right moment to encourage their kids to discover and achieve their own ambitions, not when they’re still in preschool!

One of the blog’s readers sent me her opinion on that matter that I thought is worth sharing as well.