Helado has been my all-time favorite ice-cream place for quite some time in Lebanon but its only inconvenient is that the shop is tiny, there’s no parking space around it and it gets really crowded during summer specially in the afternoon. I never really minded the wait but I always thought he should move into a bigger location given how popular the place is and it’s finally happening.

Helado is currently a small pink kiosk located in Sahel Alma in a tiny street but they are moving in a couple of weeks time to a bigger shop few hundred meters away next to Le Raclot and the big blue gas station in Sahel Alma. For those of you who are not familiar with the area, you take the Jounieh highway and go up before Crepaway and Caliprix on the main road, then you take your left on the roundabout and Helado will be there right after the gas station to the right.

I strongly recommend Helado to every ice-cream lover as it’s my favorite ice-cream place in Lebanon. The flavors are quite original and delicious, the cone is also good and the owners are extremely friendly. I will be visiting the new branch as soon as it opens.

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