It’s always a green light for them

I heard scooter drivers blocked Saida’s entrance yesterday to protest a motorcycle ban in the city and caused a huge traffic.

Added to that, they issued a statement asking for a new traffic law that fulfills some of their demands including:

1- Scooters should not, under any circumstances, abide by traffic lights. Whether it’s green, red or yellow, they should be allowed to pass.

2- Helmets should not be mandatory as they prevent scooters from taking a peek at hot women in their cars. Helmets are also not practical when they are smoking Arguile while driving.

3- The Wrong Way sign should not apply to scooters.

4- Protection should be provided to all scooters harassing women in their cars. It is no longer permissible for women drivers to speed away or cut off scooters without being punished.

5- Scooters can fit as many people as the driver believes is convenient.

6- No driving license should be needed to drive a scooter.

7- Car drivers should be more careful when they spot scooters zigzagging on the highway.

8- A scooter is allowed to take a whole lane (even the quick one) on the highway if he sees it appropriate.

9- A scooter can be parked anywhere and does not respect the park meter rules.

10- Whenever cars are involved in an accident with a scooter, the blame is 100% on the car (That’s already the case) and the motorist has to buy the victim a brand new scooter.