Nothing beats the traditional Maamoul flavors but there’s no harm in trying out new flavors. I got this year four original flavors from three different shops:

1- Orange-filled and honey-filled Maamouls from Neo-Gourmet. I loved the Orange one but I prefer the honey Maamoul we used to get from Saida (Nicolas Audi).

2- Rose Loukoum Maamoul: I got those from the Lebanese Bakery. I’m not a fan of Loukoum but they’re not bad. The Lebanese Bakery’s traditional Maamoul are really good by the way, just like almost everything there.

3- Strawberry Pistachio Maamoul by Maroun Chedid: I loved the mix. These are a must-try.

Nothing beats date-filled and walnut-filled Maamouls for me though. They’re the best!