All this talk about Gemmayze reminded me that it’s been a while since i went to one my favorite pizza places, Olio, so i went there yesterday for dinner.

The place was renovated a while ago now and is much bigger, and the pizzas are as good as ever. I ordered a Caprese “Olio” as an anti-pasti (appetizer), consisting of fresh mozzarella with tomato, basil and olive oil and a Prosciutto e Funghi pizza (Mozzarella, Ham, Cheese, Tomato sauce).

Funny thing is that they have a Puttanesca pizza, meaning a whore’s pizza. I thought the naming was awkward but then i googled it and it turns out there is a Puttanesca pasta as well and a restaurant called Puttanesca.

The naming originates from Naples after the local women of easy virtue. All the ingredients are just as easy to put your hands on, making this a quick and satisfying meal!

In sum, it is a great place and i would recommend it to anyone who likes italian pizzas.

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