The holidays are here, there’s more traffic everywhere and of course more asshole drivers. No matter how long you’ve been driving in this country, these idiotic reckless drivers always manage to get on your nerves. I try to stay away from trouble most of the time (mainly because everyone carries guns and knifes around here) but sometimes you just can’t help yourself.

In fact, what’s even more frustrating than some guy cutting you off or going the wrong way is his/her reaction after you curse or yell at him/her, one that I can never understand.

I mean,
They’re cutting you off? Fine.
They’re racing between cars recklessly? Yostofil.
They’re going the wrong way? Everyone does it. Meche.
They’re parked wrongly and causing traffic? Chou we2fit 3le? Bassita.
They’re texting and smoking Arguile and driving. 3a rassna.

But when someone yells or curses at them for doing these wrongs, they are outraged and start cursing back and even tailgating you. WTF are you pissed about? How exactly did we insult or disrespect you by pointing out that you’re breaking the law? What do they expect from normal drivers? to cheer for them?

I guess I’ve been spending way too much time in traffic and just felt like ranting about a small incident that took place this morning, but seriously these people need to be taught a proper lesson. We don’t need new license plates, nor biometric driving licenses, we need trained & competent policemen capable of respecting and enforcing a decent traffic law on ALL, and putting such reckless dumbasses behind bars.