Parkings nowadays are turning into a multi-functional business specially in Beirut where you have to leave it for a valet guy to park it, so that they fit as many cars as possible. (Reminds me of the Unblock me game)

So anyway i was headed to Hamra and had to park for few hours and stopped at the first parking i spotted:

Me: “Mar7aba m3allim, badde soff chi 4 se3at, 2adde bitreed?”

Parking Dude: 7adertak mechterik? iza baddak ba3mellak 2ichtirak chahre iza baddak teje kel yom.

Me: La2 bass el yom, 2adde bitreed?

Parking Dude: 10,000 LL

Me: Walaw?

Parking Dude: Bass minghassellak el siyyara iza baddak.

Me: La2 ma3lesh.

Parking Dude: wou minzabbetlak el darbe min wara. Fi 3anna garage.

Me: Gher marra.

Parking Dude: 3meltella mecanique?

Me: eh eh min zamen.

Parking Dude: Teb 8000 LL mnee7a?

Me: La2 merci.

Parking Dude: 7000 LL?

Me: Bye

I ended up parking somewhere nearer to my destination and for only 4000 LL.