As previously posted, and following the great success of the Achrafieh car-free day two months ago, today was a pedestrian day in Rmeil and Geitawi loaded with activities from running, cycling, yoga, zumba, painting and others. As you can see from the few selected pictures I posted, people from all age groups went down to the streets to enjoy this day.

Those events are part of the Achrafieh2020 initiative, which is aimed at “satisfying Achrafieh residents dreaming of a neighborhood where adults, youth and children can easily and safely walk on wider and cleaner sidewalks, bike on dedicated bicycle alleys, hop on a tramway as a means of commuting; where waste is managed optimally, where parking is well organized and structured and where traffic is highly regulated and law enforced”.

You can check out more pictures on Achrafieh2020 & Greenation Facebook groups [Here] & [Here].

What’s better than a Cheese or Zaatar Saj to kick off the day?

Families enjoying a great day with their kids

Gas stations off-duty on that day