I’m always on the lookout for pictures from the Lebanese Civil war and my latest finding is Pulitzer Prize-winning photojournalist Bill Foley. I remember seeing a couple of Foley pictures online in past years but I never looked at his website for some reason.

Foley’s work was included in a number of books and was shown in museums and galleries in New York, Cairo, Beirut and numerous cities in Europe. Foley’s portfolio includes three albums from Lebanon:

Sabra Chatilla Massacre Beirut 1982 Pulitzer series
USMC in Beirut 1982-1983

I’m only sharing a couple of shots. You can check out the rest on his website [here].

Marines come shore at Green Beach,1983. Photo Credits: Bill Foley
Christian Militaman stands in road, Ashrefiyeh, East Beirut. 1981.
Photo Credits: Bill Foley
Lebanese Model climbs steps at the Martyr’s square monument, Beirut 1993.
Photo Credits: Bill Foley