I have no idea how LBCI’s anchors didn’t laugh their asses off while reporting this story, and I love how they’re claiming it’s good news for the Lebanese people driving from Jounieh to Beirut every day. If someone had shown me this piece of news without the source, I’d think it’s some school or college project or a piece by the Onion.

How the hell are they going to build a highway dedicated to buses from Tabarja to Charles el Helou station in Beirut? Who’s behind this genius plan and where will this lane fit anyway? Shouldn’t we expand the Jounieh highway first and is that even feasible? How can you plan such a project while the road expansion plan is not even approved yet? What about non-existing pedestrian bridges for these bus stops? Who’s gonna build them? What about the mini-vans? Who’s going to regulate buses? What happens when you get to Charles el Helou?