I’ve been attending the Product of the Year Awards ceremony in Beirut for the past 3 years, but this year was a bit different for me after being selected as a jury member. It was different because I was a lot more aware of the process.

For those of you who don’t know what Product of the Year is, it is the only consumer product award that rewards innovation and is voted by consumers. It is also the only event where all FMCG companies are gathered together in one place, which is pretty interesting.

The venue was a bit more chilled out this year, and was held at Le Maillon in Achrafieh. LBCI anchor Lea Fayad, who’s also a good friend, hosted the night, which featured a surprisingly (Not a fan) hilarious singing and comedy performance by the BBCHi team. I honestly enjoyed this year’s winners night a lot more, as the event was less serious-fancy-hotel and more fun.

Soon, you’ll start seeing billboards, ads and new packaging featuring the red “Product of the Year” seal, and now you’ll know why (read how here if you still haven’t)

Out of all the products that won and that I’ve purchased and used, my favorites are:
– Elephant Pressed Pretzels
– Annette’s Low Carb Dough (I used to buy them already).
– Spinneys Frozen Pastries are not bad at all but I would rather buy my pastries directly from a bakery still.
– Eat Real Chips: I never thought I’d be having hummus or quinoa chips one day but they’re not bad at all.

Below is the list of winners for those interested:

Americana Frozen Beef Range- Meat Category
Annette’s Low Carb Dough- Healthy Line Category
Der General Trigger- Multipurpose Cleaner Spray Category
Eat Real Chips- Light Bites Category
Elephant Pressed Pretzels- Snacks Category
Kellogg’s Crunchy Muesli- Breakfast Category
Milton Sterilizing Tablets- Sterilizing Tablets
Monarch Instant Noodles- Instant Meals Category
Monarch Mustard Squeeze- Condiments Category
Persil Gel Millions- Fabric Care Category
Pomi Organic- Tomato Paste Category
Prepacked Fresh Chicken- Chicken Category
Provoc Artificial Stripe and Flare Lashes- Eye Styling Category
Provoc Semi-Permanent Gel Pencils- Make-Up Category
Rexona Motion sense Range- Personal Care Category
Selpak Hygienic Tissue Paper — Hygienic Tissue Paper Category
Somat Gold- Dishwashing Tablets Category
Spinneys Anti-Bacterial Disinfectant- Disinfectant Solution Category
Spinneys Frozen Pastries- Frozen Pastries Category
Vita Coco Natural Coconut Water- Healthy Beverages Category
YES Multipurpose powder detergent- Multipurpose Powder Detergent Category