That’s not the kind of response you expect from the person in charge of Beiteddine Festival‘s twitter account. To read more about Beiteddine’s 2012 festival, click [Here].

On another note, it looks like there’s some tension among Lebanese tweeps as even our ex-PM Saad Hariri lashed out at a “hater” yesterday morning (See below).

I didn’t think the comment was wrong as much as it was weak. He could have either ignored or answered in a more intelligent matter like Mustapha suggested.

Here are few (serious & fun) replies I believe he could have tweeted, even though I would have simply ignored.

“Jean, you can simply unfollow me if wishing good morning bothers you. Regards”

“Li fi Msallé ta7et Bato ten3aro. Have a great day”

“Spoken like an orange (lol)”

“Haters gonna hate”

Photo via BeirutSpring

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