I didn’t like the way Al-Jadeed is trying to portray Elie Mchantaf as being the racist guy out there. He did answer in a wrong way at first but then corrected himself and made a relatively good point. From a strictly business perspective, he will lose money if he allows everyone in while other beaches disregard the law and ban migrant domestic workers. However from an ethical point of view, and given the PR he has and the role-model/hero/captain figure he represents to many Lebanese, I believe he should set an example for all other beaches and resorts to follow at the expense of some financial losses.

This being said, it is the responsibility of the Ministry of Tourism to make sure ALL beaches and resorts allow migrant domestic workers and penalize those who don’t let them in. Recently, the Ministry issued a memorandum banning discrimination in the country’s private pools and beaches but that’s not enough. We need to have tourist police members at every resort making sure no discrimination is taking place; otherwise all those reports and videos are pointless.

Thanks Dany for the video!