When Adel (Talal El Jurdi) is overheard admitting that his girlfriend Stephanie (Nadine Labaki) is aging and is no beauty anymore, a chain of events begins that sees his world and his relationships completely reshaped. He is confused and can’t see what he’s done wrong, but Stephanie is devastated: she doesn’t want to be with a man who doesn’t think she’s beautiful, whatever she may think of herself. Meanwhile, Adel’s best friend Toufic (Elie Mitri) alternates between boasting about how his gorgeous wife, Carla (Nada Abou Farhat), and is chasing after a hot new colleague. Carla, meanwhile, begins to re-evaluate the state of the fairy tale marriage she thought she lived in. [Link]

I heard some good reviews about this play and am planning to go watch it as I was told it’s hilarious. Reasons to be pretty was originally written by American playwright and screenwriter Neil Labute. It premiered on Broadway in the Spring of 2009 and was successfully revived in London’s West End in 2011.

If you want to know more about the play or buy tickets, click [Here].