Gebran_12_12_2005_by_sdaouk Picture via sdaouk

Every year, we remember Gebran Tueni while Lebanon takes a step back in freedom and liberty. We need journalists like Gebran to influence the Lebanese youth and guide them in the right direction but unfortunately there aren’t any. We’ve lost la crème de la crème with Gebran Tueni and Samir Kassir and it doesn’t look like we will ever recover from this huge loss.

The only thing I can do through this blog and will keep on doing is remind people of what Gebran stood for and defended the most, that is freedom of speech. Keep in mind that freedom is ALWAYS more important than security and above all considerations. Keep this Benjamin Franklin quote in mind as well as it reflects the reality we are currently living in Lebanon:

“Those who surrender freedom for security will not have, nor do they deserve, either one.”