No childhood is complete without fond memories at Dream Park. Whether it was school field trips, family days out, friends’ birthdays or just trying out the newest ride, Dream Park would always get us excited while growing up. Honestly, I haven’t been to Dream Park in years, so when I heard that Retroville is organizing their 4-day “The Music Fest” festival, it rekindled my interest and I’m really looking forward to taking Brian!

Retroville, which is organized by Mindwhisk, is a combination of many events, rides and plans both for families, young children and adults too. Thursday and Friday July 6 and 7 are the Street Style Festival, with plenty of events and activities geared towards families and groups. Things heat up on Saturday July 8, with an 18+ party headlined by none other than Sander Van Doorn, Firebeatz and local Lebanese artists.

In addition to the family days and the club party on Saturday, Sunday will be dedicated to bands performing live at the theme park. Best part is that you get free rides when you buy the ticket, which means that you can hop into any of the thrilling rides on the park grounds in between bands, acts and activities.

The encouraged dress mood is whatever you like from the pinup era of fashion: that vintage, retro style, so break out your favorite outfits, but make sure you can wear them on the rides safely and comfortably!

Tickets on sale at Virgin Ticketing box offices [here]. RSVP on Facebook [here].