Airline tickets are always the most expensive during the holidays and a lot of Lebanese working or living abroad cannot afford flying back with their family to spend Christmas with their families or simply would rather save their money and fly back a couple of months later when the prices drop. My brother managed to book his tickets a month ago and he’s still paying around $4,000 for three people.

I’m sure he wouldn’t mind someone covering his trip expenses and that’s what Sakr is offering this year to eight lucky winners. All you have to do is fill this form [here] and you’re in the draw. The idea is definitely not a new one, but it’s always a good one.

I already submitted my brother’s name. If he wins, I will be getting a more expensive gift on Christmas.

The ad they did is pretty cool and I loved the slogan “Ma tkhale 7adan 3etben 3leik! #Nzal3aLebnen”

Check it out: