Sheherazade in Baabda is a play performed by the women inmates of Baabda prison, in an attempt to change the way the public perceives prisoners, and let them see them as real people combating stereotypes and misperceptions that limit the prisoner to a sinner, criminal, or loser. [Link]

The play was first shown on the 10th of May in Baabda, and on the 26th of May at Babel theatre. Due to its great success, it will go on in July 2012 at “The Venue” in Beirut Souks. I will provide you with further details later on this week.

The woman behind this project is Lebanese actress and drama therapist Zeina Daccache , founder of the nonprofit organization Catharsis, whose objective is to bring theatre and drama therapy to society. You can read more about her [Here] and watch LBCI’s report [Here].