Judge Ghada Aoun just issued a search warrant for Central Bank Governor Riad Salameh that expires in a month time, after Salameh refrained from attending several sessions in the case of the illegal money transfers of the beforementioned company and bank.

Aoun wants us to believe she did her job, even though we hadn’t heard back from the “precious data” she seemingly confiscated from Mkattaf offices, but the truth is she’s creating yet another diversion that will get us nowhere and will probably be challenged legally.

Does that mean Salameh is innocent?

Absolutely not, but arresting him won’t solve the problem as it is elsewhere. Who should we “entrust” with the remaining dollar reserves and managing the Central Bank if Salameh got arrested? his VPs or the Central Council which are also appointed by the same political parties that stole our money? President Aoun and his team who wasted billions on failed projects in all the ministries they handled? Hariri who managed to ruin his own companies? The Godfather of corruption Berri and his buddy Jumblatt? Hezbollah who doesn’t believe in banks and has his own cash economy? Or any of the remaining failed parties that did not get the chance yet to steal from us?

The war against corruption will only start when we get a new juridical body that is independent and competent. The only judge that has proven to be trustworthy so far is Judge Tarek Bitar, who’s leading the Beirut port blast investigation, and he’s been attacked from all sides because of that.

If any of the ruling parties is serious about fighting corruption and obtaining justice, they should rally behind Judge Bitar and not just with empty speeches.