I found a Sodetel recharge card, and I gotta tell you, spelling is not one of their strong points… I think it’s really embarrassing that an IT company doesn’t use spell-check…

– 1st bullet point:
Wrong: wirless
Right: wireless

– 3rd bullet point:
Wrong: Propertied
Right: properties

– Second paragraph:
Wrong: registrationm ir you may need ti Restart
Right: registration or you may need to restart

– Third paragraph:
Wrong: insrtuctions
Right: instructions

– Third paragraph:
Wrong: Registraion.
Right: registration

– Third paragraph:
Wrong: minures (MY FAVORITE! how long is a minure??)
Right: minutes

– Bottom right corner:
Wrong: Email Serrings.
Right: Email settings

And what’s up with random words with capital letters?

So embarrassing… I wonder which illiterate person approved this card…

Don’t forget! Turn off your modem for 5 minures! lol