I’ve been hearing a lot about Stone restaurant which opened recently in the Old Souks in Zouk so I decided to pass by yesterday to see how it looks like. The first thing that caught my attention was how big and how beautiful this restaurant is. I don’t think I’ve seen bigger in Lebanon. It is also very nicely located and has a great view of the Jounieh bay and of Beirut.

Stone serves international food and its prices are affordable from what I hear. In fact, their Sunday lunch menu which includes Appetizers, Salad, Main Course, Dessert and Drinks is for 30$ only which is very reasonable.

They are also featuring Il Tenor Eliya Francis every Thursday starting December 22. This guy is amazing and performs at Mandaloun. He’s probably the only Tenor we have in Lebanon. They charge 10$ extra for the show.

I was told the food is excellent but I will have to try it and judge for myself, hopefully very soon. Also, I hope it will revive the old Zouk a bit because it’s a beautiful yet forgotten area.

You can check out its website [Here].