I was sent the above shown 9gag post by a friend today that is supposed to make fun of a poll on “which operating system you use the most on your computer?” published on a popular Lebanese Facebook page called “Lebanon I Dream Of” that made a poll .

Even though the answer Facebook is quite funny and deserves a facepalm, but whomever made this 9gag post deserves a bigger faceplam because neither Google Chrome nor FireFox are operating systems in the first place, so basically all answers are wrong and not just the underlined Facebook. Added to that, this was probably an open poll where users would submit their answers, so it’s not really the group’s fault.

The funny part is the reaction of some Lebanese in the comments section as some are taking it way too seriously and defending their pride while others are feeling ashamed of being Lebanese.

PS: There are operating systems called Google Chrome OS and Firefox OS but those are different from the web browsers.