Synkers is an awesome Lebanese startup that has been creating a lot of buzz in the past few months. I was at Synkers’ launch few months ago where they presented the app and the idea is simple: Make finding a tutor to help you in school, university or standardized tests as easy as ordering an Uber or renting a property on AirBnB.

The idea is great but we all know that hardest part in every startup is the execution so I downloaded the app myself to test it out, and I loved how easy it is to navigate and use, and in just a few seconds, I was ready to book a session with a tutor of my choice and choose whether to pay via the app with a credit card, or cash when I meet the tutor.

So far, Synkers has more than 6000 students who use the app, and upwards of 500 verified tutors to choose from. They are planning to expand to the UAE soon as well.

Here’s how it works:

1- Download & Open the App

2- Select Your Tutor

3- Check Availability and Date and Time

4- Select Payment Method

And you’re all set!

It’s always great to see a Lebanese startup done properly and growing steadily. Synkers has a lot of potential and I hope they expand to other countries and make it big!

You can follow Synkers on Facebook and Instagram, and make sure you download their iOS and Android apps if you feel you or your child could need a little extra push in a subject or before a big test!